Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Screen Grabs from 'Kelly & Victor'

Here are a few grabs from 'Kelly & Victor', a feature I shot back in 2011 which is currently doing the festival circuit. Starring Antonia Campbell-Hughes and Julian Morris, it was directed by Kieran Evans and produced by Janine Marmot and Andrew Freedman. We shot on the Alexa with Superspeeds. It premiered at the London Film Festival last October to positive reviews, including mentions for the cinematography;

'With its stylishly underlit and washed-out palette, Kelly + Victor certainly looks striking. Evans and his cinematographer Piers McGrail share a painterly eye for both urban decay and rural landscape, often pausing to linger on small details in tight close-up'

From Variety
'Victor's nature-boy inclinations are of a piece with the stylishly organic digital lensing by Piers McGrail, which makes attractive use of such Liverpudlian landmarks as the historic Sefton Park'

It was a pleasure to work with everyone on this film, and here's hoping it will have continued success.