Friday, March 26, 2010

'Refuge' Screen Grabs

Here are some screen grabs from a film I shot last weekend. It's called 'Refuge' and was written and directed by Donal Foreman, as part of the Annville Films 12/48 project. A few more after the jump.

As you'll notice, this one is going to be widescreen (2.40.1). Again shot on the Red with Nikons, almost entirely on three lenses, and with a lighting package of two single kino tubes, as we were mainly outside. We fought hugely changeable conditions, but hopefully we'll get away with it.

Cast: Arthur Riordan, Fionnuala Collins
Crew: Donal Foreman (Director/Producer), Ruairi McKenna (Producer), Myself, Sean Plunkett (Sound), Martin Docherty and Aisling McKiernan (Camera Assistants).