Monday, January 18, 2010


You wait a month for some posts and then three come at once.

First off, some grabs from an upcoming production by Donal Foreman, 'The Ghost Said'. We shot some pick ups just before Christmas to capture that festive atmosphere. This one is in black and white, in 4:3. I knew the Red would be dangerously slow for nighttime b/w shots, in this case on a vintage, slow Nikon lens. But we gave it a shot anyway, and ended up with some nice stuff.

The shot of the Virgin Mary (from the O'Connell St. crib) was lit with a small LED torch.

Click 'Read More' for further info, and other grabs.

I had to crush the blacks quite heavily in order to avoid too much noise, but in combination to blown out highlights it gives a nicely old-fashioned look. It was imperative to have strong highlights in the frame for this contrasty look to work, otherwise the image just becomes dark and muddy. With that in mind, we stuck to brighter subjects, and were particularly lucky to come across a merry-go-round.