Friday, November 20, 2009

Photographer 1 - Todd Hido

Firstly, I can't avoid mentioning how utterly devastating it was to watch a great Irish football team lose a World Cup qualifier on the basis of an incredibly obvious foul.

That aside, perhaps we can today relate to the photography of Todd Hido, a recent discovery of mine, whose distant, empty frames seem like the perfect representation of the current Irish mood. Ok, perhaps I'm trying to link that in too much, but yeah, he's a really nice photographer:

To me he's like Crewdson without the excess and complication. Somewhere between there and Nan Goldin- but much more towards Goldin. Extremely simple shots, and all the more powerful because of it. I think it's more of a skill to find beauty in the mundane than force beauty into it. And I always think it's extra-impressive to find beauty in the urban landscape.

I recommend looking at all the shots on his site - . It's well worth it.