Thursday, September 10, 2009


We may never find out how he really did it, but you have to admit that it was, and will be fascinating television. In case you didn't catch it - watch here.

The theories are circulating the internet, ranging from impossible probability formulas to laser-engraved ping-pong balls. I reckon that it's likely that the method is more simple, although the promised revelation on Friday may just be further misdirection. Not that I wont be glued to the t.v. Can you think of a greater marketing ploy in this day and age? (Incidentally, Channel 4's marketing drive for this seems to have been pretty inspired - from a backwards, then forwards teaser, to a stylish use of the 'Thatcher' trick as a double-page spread in the Metro newspaper)

Looking forward to the series of 'Events' over the coming months. Goodbye Big Brother, hello really entertaining television.

I must route out that Derren Brown dvd, my pack of bicycle playing cards and start learning some magic again.

Edit: My own personal half-theory, having spent an hour or so trawling through others: There is some sort of glitch when he crosses in front of the television to reveal the numbers. From my editing experience, it looks to me as though (possibly) two clips have been joined together here, and the second half is being played back in reverse, but shot to look normal (think that Coldplay video with the car crash). On close inspection, his movements from that point on do appear a little strange (anyone who's played around with reversing footage will probably notice on close inspection), and unless it's just my tv, his voice doesn't quite sync up with the image. This use of reversed footage would tie in nicely with the aformentioned teaser . Other people have noted the use of images that are half backwards, half forwards in these promotional campaigns, which leads me to believe that this is almost certainly the technique. As for the trick itself... let me think a bit more about that :)