Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shining Lights

If anyone else can see the chimneys of Poolbeg power station, check out the lower light on the left Chimney (as seen from Dublin Bay). Every so often it flashes much brighter than the others.

To Illustrate:

Apologies for the low quality snap shot, but it captures the scene.
Here's an equally low quality video. You can't actually see the normal lights in this, but I assure you they are flashing every second or so...

Now, you might think that perhaps they just replaced this bulb, and the other ones are merely dim with age - but if you watch the video- or look out your window- you'll see that this particular bulb flashes both strongly and dimly. Think Morse code. Either that, or there's camera taking pictures of my house. If I tell you that it's so strong that it's shining through the window of my living room, and distracting me from the tv, that will give you an idea of how strong we're talking.

So far I haven't worked out a discernable pattern. Let me know if anyone cracks the code.

Oh, and guess what I'm watching- The Shining.