Monday, August 24, 2009

Dream Report

When I put Luke's weasel in the box with mine, it began to attack. I think it was stronger than mine, and there were only a couple of crumbs in the corner of the box for them to share. Luke's weasel was quite nasty, actually. So I had to put my hand in and take it out. Well, the fucker bit me. A lot. But I got him out. Then he jumped out of my hands before I could hand him back to Luke. So off Luke ran, chasing his weasel. I watched him go.

Then I turned back to the box. My weasel was gone! I frantically looked around. In front of me was a park surrounded by railings. I knew that was where he was. Sure enough, I saw him in the middle of the park. But he was lying there on his back. He wasn't moving. There was a swan there, hovering beside him. My god... he was dead!

He wasn't dead. Just as I thought it, he stirred into life. The swan began to peck at him. I had to jump the fence and run over there, shouting as loud as I could at that bloody swan. I scared him off, but of course my weasel ran away too. We chased him back to where we left the box.

I grabbed him, and he was safe. This is all I can remember.